All Saints Summer Camp
Orthodox Church in America

What is winter camp like? All Saints Winter Camp is a laid-back version of Summer Camp! We begin and end with morning and evening prayers, Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning, compline, breakout sessions with Priest, Lagoon, team events, and skits. 

What are the dates of the summer camp? January 20-22

Where will Winter Camp take place?  Camp Akiva, Pointe, TX 

How old do you have to be to attend? All Saints Winter Camp is for campers ages 8 to 18 (senior year of High School) 

What does it cost to attend the camp? The cost of Winter Camp is $120

May I pay when I arrive at camp?  All Saints Camp payments will not be taken up at camp. Payments must be paid by the deadline. The deadline for camp payments is January 1st. 

Are there scholarships available?   Many of our campers receive scholarship assistance from their local churches. Some missions and parishes even do fundraisers to help offset the cost of camp. Talk to your priest to see if there are any funds available to help with camp. 

What about counselors and chaperons?  Counselors are required to pay a fee to attend camp and must be in their second summer out of high school and older. Counselors, CIT's and by approval & invitation only. Please contact Presv. Katherine or Fr. Jason for details.  

Do counselors, workers and chaperons have to have a background check done? Yes. After approval, a background check and child safety video will be sent to you via email. 

Is winter camp pan-Orthodox? This camp has been organized by the Dallas Deanery and Mississippi River Deanery of the Diocese of the South, but we heartily welcome the participation of Orthodox young people from other dioceses and jurisdictions. Each year we have campers from the GOA, AOC, ROCOR and the OCA in attendance. 

What about medical exams? Complete the medical questionnaire when you signup. It would be a good idea to have a camp physical done by your doctor. 

What do I need to bring? An email will be sent out to you covering all you need to know about camp and what to bring. For an overview review the information on the Camp Consent Form. It lists what you need to bring to camp! (In short - sleeping bag, toiletries, bible, and appropriate clothing for games and church). 

Who do I call with questions about Winter Camp? Fr. Jason Foster 318-455-4219 or email Presv. Katherine at